Born in Chile

His father, son of an Italian emigrant, was a music artisan. His mother was a respectable piano-teacher. She witnessed Ovidio’s beginnings as a natural player, improvising melodies at an early age to later becoming a music composer. Ovidio De Ferrari was born in Iquique in Chile, Latin America.- Ovidio, second son of three brothers, started improvising music before he was able to write properly at the age of 5. As he says, “The natural way of approaching the instrument and growing among musicians helped me to develop the ability of making music from the very beginning (Almost all his parents and relatives played the piano) “I thought the whole world played the piano…” says Ovidio.

What's on?

He has performed, produced, conducted and organized hundreds of different music events.- Eleven years ago, he founded and established his own music school in Dubai - United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. The Ovidio Music Institute prepares and more than 200 students every year for exams and general interest. Ovidio De Ferrari is currently working as the conductor of Ovidio Chamber Orchestra which comprises more than 25 musicians musicians of different nationalities.

Around the world

Ovidio started giving concerts at the age of 10 as a singer and piano-accompanier of The Choir of the University of Chile, in 1965 in Arica, Chile.- At the age of 15 he got his high school diploma and came first out of 390 hopefuls. He also gained a scholarship to study music and composition in the Conservatory of Music at the University of Chile, Faculty of Arts, Santiago - Chile. During his career he has been traveling, playing and singing in 25 countries around the world.-